Monday, May 3, 2010


My flowers are blooming - as are the weeds. I'm thinking of tackling them today before they are waist high. I hired the boy who mows my lawn to haul out all of the outdoor toys from under the deck and power wash them for me on Saturday. They are all set up on the back lawn and the kids are going to be thrilled to see them today.

Next up on the long outdoor project list? Sand and stain the play set and deck, dig out a couple of dead trees and replant, weed and weed some more any put down some sort of weed preventer stuff in the gardens (suggestions?), find a full size basketball hoop for this summer (hopefully at a yard sale), clean out the garage,buy more sand for the sand box and fill, tune up the lawnmower and sell it as it is never used (see above where I pay the neighbor to mow my lawn for the last six years), figure out how to re-attach bumper on the front of the van (oops), finally do something about garden/lawn/mess in front of the house, haul stuff to the dump and lay down the brick next to the deck.

Phew - and now I have overwhelmed myself and want to curl up in a ball and go back to sleep.

This baby is learning to walk and Calvin is helping him. He had another boo boo last week when he fell over and snapped his jaw shut pushing his two bottom teeth up into his gums. Lots of blood. The good news is, his top teeth are taking advantage of the holes he cut in his gums and are coming in with little fuss.

I love picnics and our beautiful spring weather. I love having the kids eat outside.

Last week's craft project? Pull out tons of scrap supplies and let the kids make their own little books. Low stress.

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