Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daisy Crown Craft and Baby Clothes

So I've been making pretty simple crafts lately because I have been so busy. On this day, we were talking about the letter "D" (right around May Day) and after coloring some worksheets, we made daisy crowns.

Punch out piles of flowers with a large flower punch (I got mine at Archiver's). Give each child a bottle of glue and two strips of construction paper stapled together (about 4 inches wide).

Glue the flowers on making sure to cover the staples.

Once dry, measure the crown to on the kid's head and staple together at the back.

I have spent hours tonight going through ten years worth of kids clothing in the basement. My friend is having a yard sale on Saturday and I am trying to get rid of the majority of stuff that is currently filling my storage room. For years I refused to part with my baby girl clothes because I kept hoping that I would have another baby. When that dream didn't pan out, I kept holding on to them hoping one of my sisters would have a baby girl. No such luck. So, off to the yard sale they go. We could use the money and I could use the storage space.

Sophie and Calvin were helping me down there tonight and it was kind of emotional to pull out Sophie's little outfits and to tell her when she wore them. I have hundreds of photos of my only little girl, so I can show her what she looked like in most of those clothes. I did save my favorite little dresses - someday Heather or Koo will pop out a girl (get married first Koo). I am now looking at several hours worth of pricing. Ugh.

The daycare is really helping with the baby cravings. I still love babies, but right now I really love sending them home every night.


  1. HEY! I found you over at MMB. I love these crowns! What a good idea!

    I'm going to have to subscribe to look for fun things to do with my kids!

    You are beautiful!

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