Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sexy Mommy Diet Day Six and Seven

So I'm a little behind on here and I got a little lazy with taking photos, so here's what I've got for you.

On Friday I ran 400 errands with only two kids. For breakfast, I had a bowl of vanilla greek nonfat yogurt (no one has told me why the Greek yogurt is so good for me and twice the price), Alpein cereal and cantaloupe and strawberries. Yum, yum, yummy. I could eat this every day and be a very happy girl.

Since we were driving a round at lunch time, I ran in Subway and bought a six inch turkey on whole wheat with no cheese, all the vegis and a little honey mustard and diet coke. The kids had McDonald's and I only stole three of their french fries.

At the Mall of America, I bought a strawberry/orange shake with only 144 calories. WHY do we not have one of these places near my house?! We also walked around the perimeter of the mall three times.

For dinner, I was so tired that I just finished off the yogurt, cereal and fruit combination.

Today I was a bit naughty - not so smart since we weigh in tomorrow!

I weeded for an hour this morning and got a sunburn on my shoulders. That's exercise - right? For breakfast I made a smoothie with ice, strawberries, the rest of the cantaloupe, 3/4 cup orange juice and a big scoop of nonfat Greek plain yogurt. This is my kind if shake - so delicious and tangy!

It made three servings this size and I drank all three for breakfast and lunch and ate a hard boiled egg.

After getting my hair cut and covering my gray hair (I feel like a new woman!), I went to a BBQ thrown by the McKinney family (they know how to throw a party!) and ate some fresh fruit, a piece of steak and a couple of bites of a bean, mango, blackberry salad - yum!

Here's the naughty bit. This evening I went to the Mall of America (again) with some girlfriends and we ended up going out for a late dinner. So at 9pm I ate a scallop appetizer (I only ate three of the four scallops) with Japanese bread crumbs and a little bacon and - I assume - a lot of butter. I also split a Chinese chicken salad with Kelly which seemed pretty light but could have had 500 calories for all I know.

Tomorrow I am making a vegetarian lasagna and weighing in. Yikes!


  1. This is Kathy Morse's daughter, Kristina. I don't know if you remember me or not but I look at your blog every once and awhile. To answer your question why greek yogurt is better for is first, there is a lot less sugar. Second, it has a lot more protein. My reasoning for it being twice the price is because a lot of people don't buy it yet. It is a novelty, and not in high demand.

  2. Thanks Kristina! It is delicious.