Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Untimely Demise of Angel the Fire Belly Toad

The last time the kids spent the weekend with their Dad, Sophie arrived home with a toad and 24 crickets. Great.

She named the toad Angel and luckily, I had picked up a little habitat for her at a yard sale last week. We filled the habitat with bottled water, let it sit for an hour and then added the toad. Sophie also added two crickets and then we set the habitat in the shade under a chair on the deck.

All three kids were very, very excited and found the little guy fascinating. The next morning, they all wished her well on their way to school. Unfortunately, Angle the toad died while Sophie was at school. Why? Was the habitat not clean? Was the water to warm/cold? Should the habitat been inside rather than outside (but I did not want a toad and 24 crickets in my house!)?

There were tears.
There was a funeral.
There was a headstone.
There was a reading of the will.

You have to turn your volume way up to hear Sophie, but it is pretty hysterical. My favorite line is "she was a unique, honest, fabulous toad". I also love how Sophie has all of the kids fold their arms while she says a quick prayer for her toad. I love my quirky girl.


  1. My personal favorite is that the toad had a will - who knew?

  2. even though it's been 2 years, I thought I'd tell you that the toad looks like a firebelly or ornate toad... It should have been inside, sorry. Toads/frogs in enclosed containers outside usually get fried. Happened to me all the time when I was little, and I never figured out why they kept dying until I was nine.
    Firebelly toads live in conditions quite like people. They like temps around 70 degrees, and will do fine with more or less. I had a firebelly for two years, named him Prince Charming. My mom was supposed to add water to his tank, which was EXACTLY like the one you have here. She did not add the water, and when I came back from my grandma's house he had died because all the water had dried out (because of the humidity drying it up). I was so angry at her. I had a private funeral for him, including only me and my other toads. (The other toads were caught wild as babies, deformed from probably chemical runoff, so I raised them. The second toad had only two legs. The third had three legs. The fourth had five.)
    I'm turning 14 on the 26th this month, and I'm going to ask for a second firebellied toad. The first one was because I wasn't allowed any pets with fur except a dog. Now I have the dog, a ferret, four cats (one was inherited from my sister when she left for college), and I know I already have enough pets now, more than enough, but somehow I long for the company of a toad. They're just unique. Prince Charming warmed up to me enough that he would sit in my hand and accept food from me, and he'd nudge my fingers to make me pet him. And before I got him, I didn't think toads/frogs were capable of being like this. I didn't think they would readily jump into your hand for affection.
    He was a good lesson in life, my Prince Charming. When I first got him, I had him on my bookshelf. Then, as the time went by and I grew attached to him, I moved his home closer and closer to my bed. I would fall asleep watching him, you know. He was a marvelous pet. I probably sound crazy, talking about a toad like this, but he was. And I'm pretty sad he's gone.
    I should stop rambling on and on about a toad on an old post, so I'll get going. :)

  3. I think you missed teaching a great and valuable lesson about pets and animals. It's sad that your children may grow up and consider animals disposable.

    1. Did you really miss the whole tears and funeral and reading of the will part of this post? None of my children think pets or animals are disposable, Anonymous judgemental person. Good grief.

  4. No wonder the frog died. They need at LEAST a five to ten gallon terrarium, indoors, with half substrate and half dechlorinated water. Fire bellied toads need places to hide and explore, and that sad excuse for a habitat shouldn't even be used to keep a BUG. Fire bellies are not just beginner, disposable pets. They are living, breathing creatures, and they should NEVER be sold to little kids.