Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This Weeked

I baked and cleaned and cleaned and baked. I made a huge mess, ate too much frosting and did not get enough sleep. I managed to clean the kitchen 436 times, but never managed to clean the bathrooms - oops. I made five cakes and all five made me happy. The last cake was delivered on Monday for Ken's birthday party. It was a cake and a half - six layers of chocolate goodness and I held my breathe the entire drive to their house. Max was holding the cake on his lap and at every turn and stop sign I pictured the whole thing falling onto the floor. We made it with the cake still upright and carried it in while Sophie held an umbrella over my head. It is still raining today.

My kitchen was cleaned yet again this morning and I think I managed to find all of the powdered sugar and the frosting that somehow made it way onto my walls. This afternoon I am going to mop the floor - twice.

Some of my favorite things:

Seeing the little vanilla bean specks and the tiny pieces of lemon peel in this cream cheese icing.

The pretty chocolate-dipped orange slices that surrounded this chocolate cake which was filled with chocolate orange ganache.

Watching a few episode of Glee on my computer while chopping and frosting and mixing and sifting. I only saw a couple of episodes that are available on line right now, but I already love that show. Spontaneous singing and dancing?! Witty, funny dialog, an adorable guidance counselor and Kristen Chenowith?! Count me a fan.


  1. You have a lot more fun that I do. you know that, right?

  2. the cakes look amazing! i just made my orange marmalade cake again and i wish i would have thought of dipping orange sliced in chocolate to decorate it. i am about taste, not decorating and that would have been an easy way to make the cake sooooo pretty!