Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sexy Mommy Day Three

Today it was even hotter and the humidity is overwhelming. I was hungrier today than I was yesterday, maybe because I kept the Diet Coke to one can instead of two McDonals large cups that I consumed yesterday.

For breakfast I made a quick shake. Ice, one cup strawberries, one banana, a handful of spinach, scoop of no sugar vanilla soy protein powder and half cup skim milk and water.

Mmmmm! Doesn't it look cold and refreshing?

It was . . . nasty. Seriously, it tasted like sludge. I could not even drink a glass full. I think the problem is the protein powder. It makes the shake grainy. The spinach in theory is healthy, but it tastes gross blended up. So, this was a huge fail and I will not be making it again.

I have not managed to get in any exercise so far and today was no exception. I had 8 kids under the age of 5 here during the day with 5 more at school so - no time. We did walk over to the school and back to watch Max's track and field day. It was HOT and the hour and a half we spent there killed me! After I got the kids down for naps, I put on a movie for Calvin and fell asleep on the couch for a half hour. I had some low-fat Cabot Cheddar during our field trip.

For lunch, I planned on cooking but was too tired so I had the salmon salad from yesterday with some red grapes. For dinner I had chicken breast and green beans. Hopefully tomorrow will be less crazy and I'll have time to cook something new. The scale said I was down a pound this morning! Hooray!


  1. BLEURGH! SPINACH??? Yikes! That's a seriously healthy shake - kudos for choking down half a cup!

    Best 30 second exercise for thighs I know - pretend you're sitting in a chair, but a wall is the back of the 'chair'. Make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor. Without bracing with your arms, hold that position for 30 seconds, to a minute, longer if possible. To make it harder, raise your toes up (so you're just on your heels), or hold a weight (baby/dumbell/bottle of milk) just under your chin. I can fit these in all over the place!

  2. A non sludgy version :)

    1 cup rice milk (plain or vanilla)
    1 scoop WHEY protein powder (tastes better IMO)
    1/2 banana
    1/2 cup or more frozen berries
    1 cup or more baby spinach
    blend until smooth and creamy
    OPTIONAL: ChocoBerry smoothie - add 1 spoonful cocoa powder.

  3. I make one every night for dinner just like yours, but I add this

    which helps A LOT
    and OJ instead of milk.