Monday, May 10, 2010


1. I am grateful for the little surprise package in the mail this week from my sweet High-School friend Maria. She sent me a bottle of real maple syrup because she heard that I can no longer afford the real thing. I am hoarding it for myself and maybe a recipe here and there.

2. I am grateful for thoughtful families in our ward. The McKinneys stopped by on Thursday with lunch for my entire crew. Not only did they bring and make lunch for me, they played with kids outside, got the hula hoop down from the tree where it has been for the past three years and they also held babies while I cleaned up kids and got them down for naps. It was perhaps the perfect day to stop by as I had a baby with an ear infection who was very, very sad and would not let me put him down. Have I mentioned how much I love the people in my ward?

3. I am grateful for a new calling. About a month ago I was talking with a friend about the most intimidating callings at church. I mentioned that I thought Gospel Doctirne teacher would be really hard as you are teaching the Bishops and former Bishops and the seminary teachers and the Relief Society Presidents - yikes! I just do not feel like I know enough to have that kind of calling. I was lobbying hard to be the Relief Society pianist. Guess which calling I received on Sunday?

After a few days of reflection, I am grateful for the calling. It will require me to take time to sit down and study every week. It will require me to stretch myself and go beyond my comfort level and I think sometimes we need that push. Wish me luck on teaching the Old Testament!

4. I am grateful for Mother's Day. Max and Sophie made little crafts at school and were so proud when I opened them in bed on Sunday morning. They wanted to make me breakfast in bed, but I had two cakes being picked up that morning and had to get right to work. I am grateful for my children singing with the primary on Sunday. Max had a huge smile on his face and pointed to me when he sang "I love you". We were able to catch my Mother and my Mother-in -law on the phone today and enjoyed catching up with them and hearing about their celebrations. I am grateful for dinner with friends with steak off the grill that I did not have to cook (thank you Ken and Kelly!).

5. I am grateful for my anonymous friend who I failed to thank for their Easter letter - thank you!

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