Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday's Craft

On Tuesday, I pulled out an Easter chocolate kit (bought last year) for the kids craft. I melted the chips and after a quick lesson (repeated often) about how to hold the bags, the kids were free to fill the molds. Surprisingly, this was not that messy and the kids really liked to try different color combinations.

Calvin was very generous with the chocolate.

The great thing about making these is the instant gratification. They only need about 5 minutes in the freezer and then are ready for the kids to pop them out and put them into bags to take home.

Note for you: this kit came with some microwave safe plastic icing bags to melt the chocolates in. They are awesome! Melt, squish the chips until smooth and then start creating = less mess. A word of caution: these are not the same as the icing bags you may have at home as I found out when I tried to melt some additional chips using bags in my cupboard.
Melted bag and chips = big smelly mess.

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