Monday, March 29, 2010

Recycled Art - Egg Carton Flowers

This craft requires a little prep work and is very messy and time consuming. It is also adorable and I recommend you try it post haste.

Cut a bunch of bright colored tissue paper into about 3" or 4" squares. You'll need about 15 per child.

You'll need a toilet paper roll for each child. Seal off one end by gluing a circle to the bottom. I used a scalloped circle punch and hot glue. These will be the vases for your flowers.

You also need to cut apart your paper egg cartons. Make different shapes for the flowers - you'll need about 5 per child.

I used water soluble paint and set out a dish of each color with one brush per dish. Each child started with a dish of paint and once they had used that color, everyone passed their dish to the left leaving the paint brush in the dish.

Start by having the children paint the inside of the flowers and then turn them over and paint the outside. Set them aside to dry.

Now we need to paint our vases. Encourage the kids to try stripes or polka dots and a variety of colors. Set aside to dry. By this point everyone is going to be covered in paint. Do not panic.

When dry, you need to make a hole in each flower with a pair if scissors.

Then, take pipe cleaners and wind the end of each one around your finger forming a thicker part at one end.

Thread through your flowers. Voila! Stems!

Now, take three pieces of different colored tissue paper, pinch in the center and glue to the inside of a flower. Repeat. Let dry.

Throw some rocks inside your toilet paper vases and add your gorgeous flowers. Done!

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  1. So cute & colorful! Always such a pleasure to read your kiddie craft posts.