Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Squishy Invasion

Are your kids obsessed with these things? A month or so ago, the older daycare boys started bringing squishys to our house (pencil toppers). They are now the most popular toy in our home. every child has their own ziploc bag of squishys and endless hours are spend trading, discussing which ones are rare and exclaiming over which new squishys have been obtained that week etc.

You can buy them in the vending machines at the movie theater or some grocery stores. I actually do not mind them. There are no batteries and they require imaginative play. The kids race them and build lego houses for them and carry them around wherever they go.

Obsessions. What's popular with your kids right now?


  1. Yes, we have been invaded for some time with these little cute creatures. I agree, they are great for imaginative play and Sidney loves them. She has quite the collection. If you need an insider's tip, the Rosemount Community Center has the newest version of squishies...the Jungle Mania set.

  2. Your house is so cute I can't STAND IT! I decided I hate you. Sorry.

  3. We have had a zsu-zsu pet invasion. I have always REALLY disliked hampsters or gerbils. I must say that I equally dislike zsu-zsu pets at they just look a little to close to the real thing.

  4. Shan, sometime, just for you, I'll take some photos of the laundry room disaster, the dirty bedrooms, my falling apart bathroom and the nail polish stained carpet. Just for you! I crop my photos. Cropping cuts out a lot of messy piles of paper.