Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Little Things

There are happy little thing in the midst of all of the stresses. The kids are out of school this week. I'm not sure that's a happy little things for me, but they are pretty excited.

Sophie's oral surgery on Friday went well. It only cost $1000.00 for fifteen minutes and a pint of ice cream. That's some expensive ice cream. Sophie held an ice pack to her face for the entire day and ate only soft foods - then she went on a sleepover. She's enjoys telling people that they removed her frenum. She was a trooper.

These flowers make me happy. Thank you Sam's Club for your cheap flowers. I bought them for myself. Just because.

This weekend, I took the kids to the movies. It had been a really busy, hard week and we needed a night out. I met up with some friends and the kids all went to see Diary of a Whimpy kid, while we went to see Bounty Hunter. Diary got mixed reviews from our kids. Max thought it was OK, Sophie liked it and Calvin said he really wanted to see Princesses and the Frog.

Bounty Hunter was funny, but I'd wait for the rental. I may as well tell you that I have issues with Gerard Butler. The guy should be the hottest thing in Hollywood - he's working the tall, dark and handsome with a bit of swarthy thrown in and he has a Scottish accent - yum. The problem for me? He comes across as a compete idiot. Maybe it's just the two films I've seen him in? Plus, he seems full of himself in spite of being an idiot. Clearly, I have issues - he's just not my favorite romantic lead. I want to just look at him but not let him actually talk which doesn't really work in a movie these days.

Other happy things? It is almost peep-toe season. I went ahead and wore peep toes yesterday even though it was chilly because my toenails are a pretty pink and I like to see them. Shoes are a good investment because no matter how chubby you become, your shoes usually still fit. I've had these shoes for years and years and they still fit - happy! By the way, who is sending me Oprah magazine? I did not order it, but it has been coming for months.

Last night we had dinner with friends and played Ticket to Ride. I rarely win at this game but I love it anyway.

I am setting a goal of losing three pounds this week. Summer is coming and frankly, I need to get serious about becoming svelte. Wish me luck!


  1. Did you know that Gerard Butler was the Phantom in the most recent adaptation of "Phantom of the Opera"? So, add that the man and SING to your list of qualities. Worth some consideration.

  2. I couldn't stop looking at your sexy feet during primary!LOL

  3. Shan - What?! I am going to re-watch Phantom. The singing part has just increased his appeal significantly. Now, if he'd just stand around looking swarthy and singing with a Scottish accent we'd be in business!

  4. Your feet look great in those shoes!! I am one of the people whose feet get fat along with the rest of me, so I cannot get away with cute shoes when I gain weight. :(