Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Torch and Medal Craft

I am a little late in posting this one . . .

What you'll need: paper plate, frozen juice can lid, aluminum foil, necklace or ribbon, toilet paper roll, gold tissue paper, glue, tape, permanent marker, tissue paper (red, white or yellow).

Start by tracing in pencil a circle in the center of your paper plate. Use toilet paper roll or juice can lid as a guide. Set aside.

Give each child a piece of gold tissue paper cut to the width of the toilet paper roll and long enough to cover the roll completely. Put glue on the tissue paper and then have the children push the toilet paper roll along the tissue paper. Set aside.

Give each child a piece of aluminum foil and have them wrap it around the juice can lid. Write Team USA on each medal with a permanent marker. Use tape to attach to necklace (I used some leftover Valentine's beads).

While they are working, take each paper plate a cut spokes around the circle they drew in thier plate. Have the children push the spokes out.

Put glue on top of toilet paper roll, push through spokes and set aside to dry during nap time.

When the kids get up, put some tissue paper in your torch (I only had white, but it would look better with red or yellow) and you're done!

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  1. Hi-- I just followed your comment from Selwyn's blog.

    I'm so sorry about your upcoming divorce. I'm so glad you've found Selwyn. She's fantastic, isn't she?

    And I'm excited to shop in your etsy shop! Now to figure out which color of headband my baby girl needs for Easter. xoxo, Michelle