Friday, March 12, 2010


Feeling stressed with all that needs to get done right now.

Feeling excited to see Mama Mia at the Orpheus with Susan tomorrow!

Feeling tired from a very busy day yesterday.

Feeling bloated and squishy from two seasonal evils: Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies (frozen of course) and Cadbury Mini Eggs. Must find the resolve to shun sweets, exercise and become a svelte, sexy, single woman.

Feeling blue from 5 days of rain and gloom with more on the horizon. I am actually wishing for more snow to make it pretty outside again. Don't hate me.

Feeling annoyed. My contacts would not go in my eyes today and when I reached in to pull out a new one, I found the last package had cracked and the contacts were shrived up. WHERE is my contact prescription?! (update: I have no contacts prescription as it is 4 years old - oops) I am going to have a serious headache by the end of this day if I stay in my glasses all day (update: headache has arrived).

Feeling amused by my avocado green fingernails. Sophie and I had some Mother/daughter bonding over nail polish.

Feeling heavy in my soul from all of the pain and trials friends and church family are experiencing. Deaths in families, surgeries, fires, misunderstandings, loss of jobs, illnesses, offense, relationships in crisis - am I more aware of these struggles because of my own or is this just a really, really hard time for a lot of people?

Feeling love. This guy is my sunshine. His snuggles keep me from giving up when I am feeling blue. I cannot look at that photo without smiling. That is a gift.

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