Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

On Thursday we made St. Patrick's Day crafts. I saw this idea online (here) and it looked pretty simple. If you are local, I'll even tell you where to find your supplies.

You'll need little pots (Dollar Tree in packs of three for $1), a bag of stones, shredded brown paper (both from the Dollar Tree as well), primary color chenille sticks (Michaels for $2.99) and gold coins (I found some plastic ones at Michaels with a shamrock on them for about $1.00 (on sale) for 10. Marsha picked up some chocolate coins at Walgreen's from Chinese New Year and the kids loved them because they had dragons on them and chocolate inside. We hid them under the Shamrock coins). You'll also need glue, paper plates, markers and crayons and cotton balls and black paint.

DO NOT use the little crafts paints they show on the inspiration blog unless you are making this craft as an adult. That kind of paint does not come out of kids clothes. If you are making this craft with children, use the large bottles of black tempura or washable paint. You've been warned.

Start by painting your pot black. Try and not paint the bottom so you can write the kid's name there. You need to paint about an inch inside as well.

Set the pots aside to try. Note for you: they dry really quickly!

Meanwhile, give every kid a paper plate and have them draw a rainbow. We went over the traditional colors of the rainbow and then the kids pretty much did their own thing.

Add some blobs of glue to the end of the rainbow.

Give each child a cotton ball that you have pulled apart and have them stick it to the glue for clouds.

Back to the pots! Give each child a pile a pebbles and have them fill up their pots.

Then start handing out the chenille sticks. The trick is to cut a small section off each color after the red so they fit under one another - so your last color will be the shortest. Got it?

Take some shredded brown paper and put on top of the rocks.

Do it right or Evi will give you the hairy eyeball.

Add gold coins and you are done! Pretty cute and this one was great for this group (ages 2-5) as they could do almost all of it on their own.

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