Thursday, March 18, 2010

On Monday

On Monday, we took a walk.

We found some pine cones and picked them up.

We checked out a new house being built. Anyone want to buy me this house? It is conveniently located right behind the kid's school and would solve a myriad of problems in my life right now. No? Anyone? No? You're right. It is too large. I would not want to clean it.

The work site had some really good looking mud.

We considered checking out this home and then thought they might not like five children traipsing through - one in his pajamas.

It started to rain a bit, but we did not mind. Baby Lily did not seem to care either.

The kids made each other laugh.

We followed this sign. It seemed like the thing to do.

We listened to this bird. Calvin told me that the bird said it should kill his mean Mommy. His mean Mommy had just yelled at him for darting in front of a car. Later he told me the bird said he would love his Mommy again if she would let him go on the Wii.

We saw some local wildlife. Click to enlarge . One of the wildlife fell over.

We got home and found little things growing in the garden. We told them to stop immediately as it is March in Minnesota and we expect another 15 inches of snow soon.

We also saw signs of the *&%*ing rabbits. I HATE them! This year I vow to stop them - any suggestions besides shooting them?

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