Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Few Things

Here is a photo of the french toast I ran off to make after my last post. I've decided the cheap french bread from Sam's Club makes the best french toast. I make this once a week as the kids love it and it is an easy way to feed a lot of people quickly (I typically use whole wheat bread because that is always in the house). One big change we've had to make in the last couple of years? No more real maple syrup. Have you seen the price of maple syrup these days?! I plan on making a freezer full of strawberry jam this year to get us through next winter - it's delicious on french toast.

I took the kids to see How to Train Your Dragon on Saturday afternoon. We were celebrating a bit of good new for once. Two big thumbs up! Cute movie, great animation, good message and no inappropriate adult sexual innuendos that seem so prevalent in kids movies these days. All three of the kids loved it.

I obviously was not the one who posted the school lunch menu this month.

I wore these two pins together to church today. I made the fabric pin and I can't remember where the other one came from. I am going to be on the lookout for pins this summer at garage sales! Also, please note that I am wearing yellow. I never, ever wear yellow because back in middle school/high school, a woman in my ward did my color wheel (was this an Amway thing?) and told me yellow was bad. Why, twenty years later I am still following that advice is a mystery, but I think I can pull off yellow with my darker hair (I'm covering the greys) and paired with a brown jacket. I wore the dress to church today on a trial run (it still had the tags on) and I think it is a keeper though it may make me look pregnant.

Speaking of pregnant, I overheard Calvin talking to one of the daycare kids this week who's Mom is pregnant. When she said her Mommy had a baby in her tummy, Calvin piped up "Do you know how you get a baby in there? When your Daddy loves your Mommy 101 or thousands and thousand -sooooo much, then they can have a baby." Smart kid.

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