Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Few Things

Dear Anonymous St. Paul,

Thank you for Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day too. You are very kind. I would like to make you a cake but since I do not know who you are, I am giving you this virtual card.

This week the kids are out of school and I am bone tired - fall asleep on the couch when the last kid leaves and drool on myself tired. It's not pretty.

This little guy no longer needs his helmet. He is having a rough week discovering that it does in fact hurt when you run into things with your head. His forehead is covered in welts.

He has also learned to climb the stairs. Out come the gates to be cleaned and installed!

We have been reading books about fire safety. . . .

. . . . and practicing
and roll.
Preferably not on each other.

We spend every day at the park.

Having the older kids around to push the swings has been very helpful.

We take long walks with buddies.

I'm sure we look pretty funny marching through the neighborhood with a constant dialog. "Hold hands, stay on the white part, car coming, don't pick that up, you dropped a glove, don't step in that, look a bird, wait up, hold hands . . . . "

The bikes are out of the garage and the older kids have discovered croquet. Max keeps bugging me to let him have a water balloon fight which I think needs to wait until it is a bit warmer - like 60's or 70's. He thinks that's mean. I think he's crazy.

Sophie has been sleeping over and having friends sleep over and singing songs I have never heard before - she is growing up way to fast.

Calvin is learning how to read one word at a time.

I have a little 5 week old baby coming a few hours a week. She is so little and the slowest eater ever.

I have to go and make French toast. Have a great day!

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  1. Oops, that first one didn't go through...You have a very interesting blog and I am going to glean good things here, I'm sure! - Jocelyn