Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who's that sexy guy?

So, I had a hard time finding some good before shots. I have a tendency to delete all photos where people look fat - especially if they involve me! These are photos of Bryan taken this summer (July) - notice the "man-belt overhang".

Here he is in September having dropped over 15 pounds while training for the Twin Cities Marathon! Isn't he looking great?! He and my sister, Kirstin (she is referred to as Koo most of the time on this blog as Koo Bear was her nickname when she was little) just ran a 10 mile trail run this past Saturday and the marathon is in less than two weeks! We love running - and by "we", I mean Bryan. I personally hate running - I just love the results on Bryan!


  1. Wow! Bryan looks great! Isaac lost tons of weight by jogging on his mission. I need to show him these pictures so that he'll start jogging again.

  2. lookin' good there, bryan! good luck with the marathon!