Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Things that make me happy!

I love a good yard sale, flea market, going dumpster diving, or really any kind of junking or antiquing! Finding an amazing deal just makes me giddy! I miss New Hampshire with a vengeance come yard sale season. Though MN has a ton of yard sales and there are great things to be found, in NH it was so easy to find wonderful antiques and vintage items for a fraction of what they sell for here.

This little shop is just South of our home and is open only one weekend a month. I drove by on Saturday evening just after they closed so I was not able to get any great deals, but I was happy enough just browsing through all of the outside items!


  1. i keep meaning to ask you, how LONG was your vacation exactly? were you really gone a whole month? you did some amazing things; what great memories for your kids (at least the older two will remember, right?) glad you were able to get sophie to washington to be a flower girl. my girls have been flower girls before too and they absolutely loved it.

    the routines of school have settled in at our house and the weather has been beautiful. we are doing well.

    belated birthday greetings!! i remember my friends' birthdays (september first, right?); i just never seem to get anything in the mail. thanks for sharing all these wonderful adventures of your family and kids. it's been so wonderful to stay so connected with you. (and thanks for keeping in touch all these years; i appreciate it.)

  2. where is this store exactly? I'm going to have to try and find it :)

  3. The store is in Rosemount right on Hwy 3 next to the place where I buy cocoa bean mulch.

    Hi April! We were gone for almost a full month - Bryan came back for 12 days to work in the middle.