Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Salt Lake City

We drove down to Salt Lake on Monday and had dinner that evening with my good friend Leta and her husband Nathan. The plan was to stay with Heather and Ross for two nights and Leta for the next two. However on Tuesday morning, Leta called to let me know that Nathan had been HIT BY A BUS!
Not to worry - he is fine . . . now. The mirror of the bus hit his shoulder and threw him from his bike breaking his shoulder and scraping his entire side of his body. Luckily, he never passed out and was wearing a helmet which was cracked in half. He was actually very fortunate to not have more serious injuries - he came home from the hospital the same day with his arm in a sling and six stitches in his knee and a whole lot of pain. Needless to say, he managed to ruin any plans of Leta and I hanging out together! (just kidding Nathan - but you do owe me a visit with Leta)

This is Leta and Nathan a couple days later - things are looking up - they plan to sue and buy a minivan! So, somewhat of a happy ending?!

Heather had to work on Tuesday so I had a day to fill with the kids. We decided to head downtown to temple Square. Max liked to guess where the sister missionaries were from and Calvin liked all of the fountains. We visited the Joseph Smith Building and had dinner at the Lion House.

The lobby of the Joseph Smith Building - the old Hotel Utah

Salt Lake Temple

Detail inside the JS Building lobby

Yummy, yummy rolls! We picked up some breads to bring over to Leta and Nathan. Max loved the cafeteria style dinner. I remebered the food as better than it was.

Inside the visitor's center

Sophie's signature pose
Detail of the roof inside the lobby of the JS Building

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  1. When Stacey informed me that she had my picture on her blog I remembered with horror that I looked terrrible the whole time she was here-- why because my hubby had been hit by a BUS! And now, my 15 minutes of fame on Stacey's webiste I look terrrible--so to all of you-- I don't normally look that bad!