Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Weekend at Grandma's House

We spent the weekend with Mom and Dad in Idaho Falls. We spent a lot of time resting, playing cards and eating ice cream.
The kids LOVE their dogs, Oreo and Poppy and spend most of their time putting leashes on them and walking them around the house. Calvin really enjoyed sitting under the table with the dogs force-feeding them dog food. Every time we visit, the dogs are the happiest to see us go. My kids simply wear them out!

This is Oreo - can we spot the signs of in-breeding? Oreo was adopted by my mom out of sheer pity form some kids in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. He was the last dog in the box of puppies and no one seemed to want him because he was so homely!

The kids with Poppy. Poppy was adopted from the side of the road during a rainstorm. My Mom could not find his owner and so adopted him as a playmate for Oreo (and lapdog for her!).

Photographic evidence that we did indeed see Matt on this trip!

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