Friday, September 21, 2007

What do all these buttons do?

I have been reading a book on photography for scrapbookers. Even though I have a relatively simple camera (Canon S3IS) and no Photoshop software, I would like to learn how to at least use the features on my camera. One of the settings I read about was the portrait mode which focuses on the closest object and then blurs the background. This is trickier than you would think as I found is hard to get the camera to give me the "beep, beep" which lets me know I am in focus. I had to try out my new found knowledge, so I forced the kids into photos shoots in the living room. These are the "best of" shots.

Natalie looking pensive or truly annoyed - not sure which.

I tried Max's shots outside but the background does not seem very blurred.

Random shot of friend Emily who was over for playgroup.

More of my kids impersonating fish.

... and a grizzly.

We also spent an hour at the park with Kelly and her kiddos yesterday. Sophie and Natalie decided to put on an impromptu dance recital for us! I love the words to Sophie's song (listen for "liberty and the American flag") and Natalie's "jazz hands!" So cute!

**NOTE: I cannot get the video to load as it is too big and I do not know how to make the file smaller. Hmmm - I need a computer savvy friend around here!**

Well, good news for you, I took photos as well!

Baby Evelyn is so cute, she makes my ovaries hurt.

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