Sunday, September 16, 2007

And We're Off Again - to Seattle!

Less than two weeks after arriving back home and Sophie and I packed our bags for a quick weekend trip to Seattle. My cousin Tam was getting married and Sophie was asked to be a flower girl! She was of course, over the moon happy about the prospect and has been practising for weeks. We met up with Heather and Ross and baby Soren (Soren has packed on another three pounds! He is just a bundle of cute chub!) at the Seattle airport on Thursday where they had rented a car for us to use during our stay. My Aunt Sherrie (my mom's sister and mother of the bride) had graciously offered to let us stay with her along with Mom and Dad who would be arriving on Friday.
We spent Friday touring some of the islands West of Seattle and picking blackberries at the beach. There was a rooftop reception on Friday night with beautiful view of downtown Seattle and GREAT food! Sophie at one point managed to take a big swig of someones glass of white wine. Evidently she was very upset about it and cried a bit before exclaiming "that tastes worse than a grasshopper!" (Should I be wondering how she knows what a grasshopper tastes like?)
On Saturday we spent much of the day at Pike Place market where Sophie got to hold a little fish (she was thrilled!) and where we ate even more fish and chips and clam chowder. We also tracked down Fran's Chocolates (Yum!) and I bought a bunch of her famous grey salt caramels! From there we met at the Arboretum for photos and then off to the wedding at the history museum. The reception/dinner and dancing were also held at the museum which was a really neat place. The kids loved running through the exhibits! The dinner was marvelous - fresh figs! quinoa salads! grilled salmon! heirloom tomatoes! Sooooo yummy!
On Sunday Sherri hosted a garden brunch which was my favorite event of the trip. The weather was beautiful, the garden looked amazing and she had this great jazz band playing on her deck! The buffet was incredibly tasty (the lemon cheesecake - wow!) and I seriously overate - I think this is where I put on most of the 4 pounds I gained this weekend!
I took so many photos that I decided to make a slide show. (OK, the slide show is on the right side of the blog on the top. If anyone knows how to put it in this post, PLEASE tell me!) The nice thing about this site is you can order prints right online if you want them (mom).
Sophie, Koo and I flew home on the red-eye and I seriously felt like I was going to die for the next two days! I was soooo tired - I felt pretty old after that trip but we had a lot of fun!


  1. Regarding the grasshopper comment my Brian said "the drink or the bug"? I told him Sophie is 5 so he decided she was refering to the bug. I didn't know there was a drink called a grasshopper. Who knew!

  2. Isaac is so jealous of your trip to Seattle! That's his top choice of place to live someday.
    The desserts at your aunt's Sunday brunch looked amazing!

  3. You know, I love Seattle, but I think I may not be cool enough to live there!