Friday, September 28, 2007

It's Still Popsicle Season - Right?

Even though September is coming to a close and I have pulled out the winter coats, I still have a somewhat large supply of Popsicles taking up space in my freezer. So, if the weather is at all appealing, I send the kids out to the sandbox with Popsicles to munch. I have not heard anyone complaining!

We believe in passing around germs around here, so all of the kids try everyone's flavor to see which one is best. Notice how Calvin goes in for a taste without even asking - rude.


  1. The pictures are turning out great -- found any more tips on your camera? And thanks again for letting me steal some of your pics of my kids . . .

  2. I am still having a hard time with the protrait setting - about 1/2 of the photos come out like I want them to. I need to learn about shutter speed etc., but reading the manuel is SO BORING! Can't I just take a class?!

  3. sweet little mouths I want them all to take a turn sucking my c--k