Friday, September 14, 2007

Our sweet Calvin is three!

We arrived home on Calvin's third birthday so we did not celebrate until the following Sunday. Koo came over with a Thomas the Train cake she made for him. We also had our friend Kelly and her kids over for dinner.

Calvin actually gave us a gift this year for his birthday by potty-training on our trip! I have never had a kid do such a thing! It started our first night at the hotel when I asked him if he wanted to go swimming. He was very excited, so I said, "OK, Calvin, if you want to go swimming, you need to do a poop on the potty." He looked at me for a minute and then walked into the bathroom and did what Mommy has been trying to get him to do for the last 9 months!! Ever since that night, he has been wearing underwear all day AND ALL NIGHT! A little miracle!

Calvin LOVED the cake and tried to put more trains on it! He blew out the candles and opened his Thomas related gifts (a bucket which I have since found out has been recalled for lead paint, Thomas underwear and a Thomas book and train) but flatly REFUSED to eat and cake or ice cream! "I don't like it!" he yelled at us as we tried to give him some cake. He did the same thing last year on his birthday. Odd, as on other non-birthday days, he likes cake just fine!

He was so tired after his hard day of partying, that he did not even make it up the steps before falling asleep! Let's all pretend that we do not notice the pile of dirty laundry on the floor and the smudge of something on the wall!

Happy Birthday our little man!

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  1. That picture of Calvin on the stairs is hilarious! I love it.