Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Martin's Cove

Leaving Heather's house for the long drive home.

As we drove through Wyoming, we saw a small sign for Martin's Cove and split rock. I did a double take as we had not even noticed it on the map and we quickly pulled a u-turn and drove back.

I guess there used to be large signs for the historical site, but the ACLU sued the church because of their purchase of Martin's Cove arguing that a religious group should not own a historical site. The church actually traded land for the site with one of the original descendants sons and now owns thousands of acres. It is still an operating cattle ranch and there are missionaries there year-round. They have a really nice little visitors center, museum, bunk house and a replica of the old fort. The kids thought the museum was really cool (Max liked the guns and Sophie the petrified frog) and they loved to push the handcarts. There is a 2.5 mile hike you can take to the cove with handcarts.

Bryan has a new found obsession with birds. He is forever reading bird guides and was very pleased to see a lot of birds he had never seen before on our trip. I have no idea what this bird is . . . we'll have to ask Bryan!

Max decided pulling the handcart was really hard work!

Split Rock in the background

The bunkhouse - very small!

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