Friday, September 14, 2007

The Start of School!

Hooray! It's that time again when every mother in the nation suddenly starts smiling uncontrollably at the prospect of their kids going off to school again.

Sophie with her teacher Mrs. Corrigan on open house night. Her teacher struggled with cancer last year and it is amazing she is able to be back at teaching this year. There was a front page story about her in the paper here.

This photo was in the Pioneer Press (look it is Sophie in the corner!)

Their school (Sophie and Jillian on the 1st day of school!)
Look at our handsome 2nd grader!

Sophie and Max are both "walkers" since we live a couple of blocks from the school, but Sophie takes the bus home as she is in half-day kindergarten. The bus stop is one block down and she rides with her new best friend Jillian. Here we are walking to school on the 1st day.

Sophie and Jillian

Max with Mrs. Heinrich, his 2nd grade teacher, on open house night

Ms. Rue is Max's 3rd grade teacher. He goes to her class every day for reading.

Sophie's school backpack. It is the pinkest, tackiest, sparkly backpack she could find and she LOVES it!


  1. Nice blog. I enjoy following them. I am pretty sure my neighbor used to do daycare for Max's teacher. Is her first name Sally (I might be remembering that wrong)? If so, her boys are Jack and Charlie. Funny how that works.