Monday, September 17, 2007

Max - Thunderbirds Soccer!

Max is also in fall soccer this year - conveniently at the same time as Sophie in different locations. He has the same coach that he had in the spring who we absolutely love! He is just a great coach and is really wonderful with the boys. Max loves to play soccer!

Max is on the same team as his friends Gregory and Cole which makes it nice for me as many times I have to attend Sophie's game and have someone else watch Max.

Attending Max's games are always amusing to watch as the boys still tend to crowd the ball and usually when they get near the goal they stop for some reason like they are thinking "OK, what now?" which gives the opposing team enough time to steal the ball away again. Max likes to play defence and no matter what position he is assigned, he acts like he is on defense!

Cole's sister Carson - Sophie loves to play with her at soccer!

Greg and Max on the sidelines - notice how they are intently watching the game, learning from their fellow teamates, studying the plays in order to better their own game - or not.

Natalie enjoying a soccer treat! The treats are Calvin, Johnny and Natalies favorite part of soccer!

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