Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ideas I am Stealing . . . Borrowing?

Ideas from Leta's House:

Old tin ceiling tiles from Blue Moon Salvage in NH framed out in new molding. Love it!

LOVE this idea of mounting a metal basket on the wall and then a photo inside - genius! I love the colors in the wall and the photo.

Leta's crafting space. I really like how everything is up where she can see it and be inspired by it.

LOVE the old wooden box holding stamps and the ribbon holder is so cute (though I would need about a dozen of those boxes!)

Pottery barn shelves and glass bottles - gorgeous! Leta showcases jewelry from her business underneath. I may steal this idea for my family room. Bryan took my shelves off the wall because they were leaning and I feared the photos would fall on some kids head. This was going on 9 months ago, and he and our friend Ken have tried to put them back up but have only succeeded in putting more holes in my wall. It looks lovely. Truly.

Leta made two of these from old shutters she bought in New Hampshire. They are in her kitchen - I love how they hide the clutter!

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  1. Oh my heavens this friend of your's Leta is amazing-- love her decorating ideas! How clever-- I can see why you would keep her as a friend!!