Saturday, December 29, 2007

Snow is falling all around; on the rooftops on the ground

This is our backyard on Christmas Eve. Wait, what's that thing in the tree? Let's move a little closer.
It appears to be a hula hoop. Do not ask how long that has been stuck in the tree. It is frankly too high for me to get down. I hope the squirrels like it there.

Here is one of those squirrels the morning after Christmas. Looks like he's enjoying all of the new snow!
We should have put Bryan's car in the garage - except we have a 2-car garage and have never been able to fit two actual cars in it. We pat ourselves on the back when we can fit one.

GORGEOUSNESS! I seriously love snow.


  1. I love snow too and I am very jealous that you have so much! My in-laws said they are getting record numbers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. It seems hard to believe. We have had near 50 degree days with sunshine the last two days here in Jersey. Strange how that works. We are not THAT much further south. I love the midwest!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves the snow!

  3. What beautiful, beautiful pictues.