Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dinner with the fam

Bryan's brother David, his wife Trisha and two kiddos, Joshua and Nickolas came over for dinner last Sunday. I made a big lasagna and Trisha brought over a yummy salad with spinach, bacon and oranges and for dessert we had the always delicious and guaranteed to make you chubby, bread and butter pudding. We had a nice time catching up with them and hearing about the new baby on its way. The kids took to their cousins like they see them every day and were literally running through the house non-stop together. Max was not his happiest self that evening, but that happens. Actually, that happens with a lot more frequency lately. Is this a phase? Please say yes!

We also made gingerbread cookies with the kids. I tried to take photos, but here is the problem. I cannot get good indoor shots - especially at night. My family room is painted a mustardy color as are the curtains in the kitchen which gives all of the photos a yellow tone. I need to figure out how to take a decent shot with the camera I have or find out what I need to get in order to take a great shot indoors in the evening. So, here are truly the only photos worth posting and they are not good. Sorry!


  1. Looks like fun. We wish we could have been there too with you guys!
    The gingerbread men cookies are so cute! Everyone looks so serious about making them.

  2. What cute little peanuts!