Wednesday, December 5, 2007

All Things Chirstmas

More cuteness from the web! I love these stockings hung as decorations in the doorway.

Aren't these beautiful?! I love the fabrics!

More amazing jewelry from Etsy.

I made something like this for my girlfriend Gail once. I really should make more of them as I have a stack of old windows annoying my husband in the garage!

Martha, Martha, you out-do yourself every year! I must make these little houses with the kids! I'm thinking our will not look quite this perfect!


  1. I'll take one of those windows off your hands :) That is so great. And I have a ton of lemons hanging out in my fridge I know just what to do with . . .

  2. I wish I could have had the lemon recipe earlier, seeing as how I just discovered some lemons that were no longer yellow in my fridge the other day... yuck! I do want to try the recipe. Thanks!