Monday, December 17, 2007

Naughty Blogger

As you can see from the lack of posts, life got away from me this weekend. Let's catch up together.

Last Sunday Bryan and I performed with the Minnesota Mormon Chorale at the Mission Home Christmas Fireside in Bloomington. On Thursday night we had our normal MMC rehearsal. On Friday we performed with the MMC in Lakeville for our Christmas concert and then again on Saturday in New Brighton for another concert. Sunday morning we had two rehearsals for ward choir and then sang with the choir in our Christmas program. We have filled our quota for Christmas caroling and are looking forward to having the next month off!

Sunday's Christmas program was marred by the antics of our youngest. Bryan and I were seated on the stand as we were singing 3 numbers with the choir. Our kids were doing fine on the bench until the start of The First Noel. Calvin decided he needed to come up on the stand and he climbed up onto the bench behind me (we were standing). Then he started jumping up and down on the bench and losing his balance and crashing into the other singers. I decided I'd better pick him up (while singing) before he knocked one of the sopranos off the stand. When I picked him up, I had Calvin on one hip and I was holding my music in the other hand. Calvin decided at this time to start undressing me. He unbuttoned my entire sweater and then started to stick his hand down my shirt. Did I mention that I stand in the front row? I abandoned the music to re button myself with one hand while singing from memory. Then Calvin decided he did not like my singing so he kept putting his hand over my mouth. Needless to say, I was grateful when the song ended and I could pass him back to Bryan to be carted off the stand!

It has been really fun to be in the MMC chorale together, but it is also a challenge. We have to have a babysitter (thank you Emily!) every week from 6:00 until at least 10:00, sometimes later as we get closer to performances. Bryan drives from work and I drive up with Susan from Eagan, and most of the time he returns to work after rehearsal. We also have to pawn our kids off on friends for all of our performances. Koo took all three kids for us on Saturday. She offered to take Calvin, but when we got to her house Sophie and Max really wanted to stay as well (I was planning on taking them to the concert) and Sophie burst into tears when Koo said no. Koo melted and let them all hang out with her from about 3:30 to 10:30!! Thank you Koo!

The photos above were taken from the MMC website - they were taken before Bryan auditioned.


  1. I would love to hear you sing again. You taught me what it sounds like to "belt." not sure if that is how you say it in a sentence.

    Good for you for doing what you love.

    Sorry about the kiddos on stage. Mine would probably do the same. My husband sits on the stand at church and they (especially my youngest) constantly yell his name or cry for him from the pews and often try to run up to him during the meeting. It makes for a long Sacrament for the old mama. I guess that is not quite as bad as the striptease during a performance. That was a classic!

    I am envious of you Minnesotans. Much of my family lives there, St. Paul to be exact (Thatchers and Parens). Enjoy that wonderful midwest!

  2. Hey Liza! Where are you guys located these days? I always feel for the moms who have husbands on the stand. It makes for a long meeting and a long Sunday as they usually start early with meetings and such!
    We are hoping for more snow before Christmas. We are only about 15-20 minutes from St. Paul and really enjoy living here.

  3. Stace, I didn't see your comment until today. We live in New Jersey. Brad works in the Manhattan and he commutes about 30-45 minutes each way. I guess that makes us fairly close to April and Wendy (sort of). Looks like you have created a wonderful life. Beautiful family.

    Next time we are out there I'll look you up. We go Upnorth (one word) every summer but don't spend much time in the Twin Cities. Brad's parents have a cabin near Cass lake. Anyway, it's so fun to touch base and see how you are doing through your blog. Lots of love,