Monday, December 10, 2007

Break out the aprons; it's cookie time!

It's that time of year again! Every year I tell myself I am not going to do it; I am going to simplify and give every friend and neighbor a wire whisk filled with Hershey's kisses and a note saying "we whisk you a merry kiss-mas" and call it a day. Yet once again, I have broken down and dedicated an entire weekend to nothing but baking cookies - 6 varieties and 48 plates later, I am quite fat and tired of washing dishes.

We stared on Friday night with Fudgy Bon-Bons. Don't be turned off by the fact that as kids we called these "lard balls". Here is the recipe.

Calvin was my sweet little helper. Here he is unwrapping. When I pulled out all of the bags of Hershey's kisses and poured them on the counter Calvin gasped and said "Ooooooo, good job mommy"!
Calvin was very pleased that many of the kisses had a broken tip which he would eat enthusiastically. Then he started breaking off all of the tips and eating them. Here he is trying to be sneaky. After I scolded him for eating too many of them, he started kissing each one before putting it in the bowl.

Sophie came down to help him - they look very serious. Actually they fought a lot as Calvin wanted to unwrap all of the green ones.

I don't have a photo of these - you'll have to wait until I post the finished product. They are really fun to make with kids because they can unwrap the candy, help wrap each kiss in a ball of dough and when they are cool, they can drizzle on the white chocolate. They really are best eaten while they are still warm or a room temperature. I tried one frozen and it was not as tasty.


  1. I can't believe how often you blog! How do you still have time to take care of yours and your neighbor's kids, scrapbook, read other online blogs and make a gazillion cookies. You truly are a super woman!
    On that note, would you email ( me or post some good xmas cookie recipes. I need to make quite a few as the whole Johnson clan is coming down to Cali this holiday season.

  2. Hey Masha! There are some great recipes linked in my post today for you! Have fun baking!