Friday, December 28, 2007

Oh there's no place like home for the holidays . . .

Christmas day was everything it should be. The children were excited and yet they slept until 8:00. We had a blanket of white snow on the ground outside, Santa had come and we were all cozy inside in our forest of green pajamas. As we opened presents, big flakes of snow started falling outside and it kept snowing all day and through the night. It looked like a scene out of a movie - just magical!

Here is Max's note to Santa and his reply. Uh oh, looks like Santa was too full to finish his cookies!This was the year for trains in Calvin's life. He was blessed with many a Thomas item and found the advertisements inside their boxes to be just about as cool and the trains themselves!

Sophie loved her new Target doll and horse, lots of books, her new apron and her webkins unicaorn.
We took frequent reading breaks. Sophie has her head on her new sleeping bag.

Here is our Max. His favorite gifts? Batteries, Harry Potter glasses and wand, loads of books and webkins. Silly Santa bought him the wrong Harry Potter robe on-line - she bought the Slytherin instead of the Griffendore robe. BIG mistake Santa.

Every year I think to myself "next year I am getting up early, taking a shower and doing my hair and make-up for Christmas morning". It never happens.

The kids opened gifts happily until this thing came along. Then it was all over and all three kids just wanted to play with the motorized train that you fill with water from the water tower and it actually puffs steam as it goes around the track. Three days later, I still cannot pull them away and it is the first thing Calvin talks about every morning and the last thing he mentions before bed. Thank you Johnny!Here is our little ham with Koo in her green pajamas in the background.

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! We always feel so very blessed this time of year for the wonderful friends and family in our lives. We are grateful to each of you and wish you the very best in this new year!


  1. Probably the cutest Christmas pictures ever! I especially love the matching green pj's. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday - and lots of yummy goodies to go along with it!

    Love ~

    Aunt Barb

  2. the food looks ever so delicious as always. you don't need to wake up and put make-up on - you look absolutely beautiful as is. glad you had a good holiday.

    p.s. i'm loving that crepe cake; i'll have to try that one. glad you always post your recipes after you make us drool.