Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's freezing and the kids are eating snow!

Here are some shots of the kids enjoying the first real snow to stay on the ground! They all had a great time for about 20 minutes until everyone decided they were freezing cold and wet and had boogers running down their faces. Then they came in and dumped all of their wet clothing all over the front hall and tracked snow across the kitchen floor. I love winter.

Poor Calvin - I thought I had snow pants and winter boots for him. I mean, for crying out loud, I did have Max! However, when I went to pull out his winter gear I realized that I had only pink snow pants in size 3T and no boots. Cut to Tuesday - the second huge snowstorm of the year. I spent the ENTIRE day in the car driving to every store in town and in other towns looking for snow pants and boots for this poor child. I did find some boots at the second Target I went to (one of the last three pair) but had no luck with the snow pants. Every store was freakishly bare. Minnesota has had really mild winters ever since we moved here. I think these two snowstorms made everyone realize, that yes, the kids will need snow gear this year!

Not to worry, I called Koo who was in Utah for an interview and she picked some up there. Evidently there was not a run on winter gear in Utah.

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