Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Saturday Christmas Day of Fun!

On Saturday, we officially started vacation! Bryan stayed home and we dedicated the entire day to having fun together. We started things off with breakfast at my favorite spot - Jensen's, where Calvin consumed his weight in chocolate chip pancakes and sausages.

From there we headed to Murphy's Lading in Shakopee. It is part of the parks system and has a Scandinavian village set on acres of land bordering the Minnesota River. We took a horse-drawn carriage ride to the village and then spent a couple of hours walking to the different houses to learn about how different cultures celebrated the holidays.

Sophie's favorite spot was the Swedish house as she had just learned about Sweden in school and entertained the hosts there with all of her Swedish knowledge. Max liked the general store where they had a game of checkers set up in from of a wood burning stove. (There were a lot of wood burning stoves in these little houses. I was sure we were going to end up with some child getting burnt, but they all emerged unscathed.) I liked the old church were they put on a little program with sing a long carols and a telling of the Christmas story, the Hanuka story and a reading of the night before Christmas. Bryan enjoyed the town hall where a gentleman was demonstrating different instruments and tunes native to Minnesota at the turn of the century. After traipsing through the snow for a few hours, we warmed up in the depot with a cup of hot cocoa and then caught the carriage ride back through the woods.

After piling back into the car and turning the heat to full blast, we drove to Minneapolis to see the lights and the Holidazzle Parade.

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