Friday, December 21, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I LOVE Christmas! I love everything about Christmas and refuse to travel ever again during the Christmas season! I get so much joy from decorating our home for the holidays. I love just being home, baking and wrapping, listening to the Nutcracker with all of the Christmas lights on and this year, making a lot of gifts.

I love our home in December. I have been collecting Christmas decorations for years (I only shop for them in January when the stores are practically giving them away!) and we have so many little trees from garage sales all over the house that for the first time this year we did not cut a live tree. I kind of miss the fresh smell of a real tree, but we really did not have room! The presents are located under all of the small trees in the living room.

This year Sophie and Calvin are really the ones who are so very excited about Christmas. Max has decided he does not believe, (sniff) though I am working hard to convince him otherwise. Sophie and Max both have advents on their doors and every night before bed they excitedly tell each other how many more days until Christmas! Sophie and Max are also amending their wish lists daily much to the frustration of their parents! Max added pocket calculator, any number of books and kisses and hugs (the real ones not candy) to his list and Sophie wants Cinderella 3 DVD. Calvin is the only one who has been completely consistent as he only ever wants Thomas the Train!


  1. Oh no, not you too! Mom & Molly have both decided neither of them is leaving their house for Christmas ever again.
    But your decorations look very beautiful in your house, I don't blame you not wanting to leave.