Friday, October 16, 2009

Tragic Teeth

This young man has a cavity.

So does this little girl.


Or, until I make that Nutella swirl pound cake recipe I've had my eye on . . . .

This young man is lucky because his cavity is in a baby molar that should fall out this year - thus it does not need to be filled.

This little girl is not so lucky. Her cavity needs to be filled, she needs sealants AND she needs braces - soon.

You should know:

I took the kids to a place called Argosy University. It's here in Eagan, next to the community center. We were seen by dental hygienist students who would do the work and then an instructor comes over and checks their work and grades them. There is also a dentist available who for an additional cost, will come and look over your xrays and your teeth and let you know if you need to get any dental or orthodontic work done.

The place is a complete bargain! We have not had dental insurance for the last five years and because of financial problems, the children and I have not seen a dentist in over two years. I was able to take the four of us for cleanings, fluoride treatments, bite wing xrays for the kids and a full run of 20 xrays for me, check-ups as well as referrals from the dentist on staff for all four of us - for about $250.00. That is about 1/4 the cost of these same services at our regular dentist. Yes, it take a bit longer (the kids appointments were 2 hours each, simultaneously) and my appointments have stretched to 3 visits of 2 hours, but it is worth the savings! The students and staff are very nice and they are always looking for patients. Sophie has been referred to the clinic up at the UofM dental school for her filling. It is a great option for those who are struggling to afford dental care.


  1. That is a great deal! I'm so glad you found that. Isaac didn't have dental insurance for like 10 or 12 years, so he only saw a dentist for his mission in all that time! And together we didn't have dental insurance for nearly the first two years of our marriage and we didn't see a dentist during that time, so I understand! Isaac went to our community college's dental hygiene program for them to clean his teeth once and it was free or maybe like $10, but they didn't do the extra stuff. We also have Eastman School of Dentistry here which I went to once when I was a teenager, and that sounds more like what you went to. They were great, definitely took longer like you said, but totally worth it. Good luck with Sophie's filling! Max was so lucky this time! I don't think I could ban sugar from the house either. I just brush my teeth a million times a day instead.

  2. I'm glad there are options out there! Poor Sophie. I have terrible teeth, myself, and it's no fun! My parents sent me to the dentist right before I got married with the understanding that they would get me going with healthy teeth, and then never touch it again. I had 10 cavities. Yes, TEN cavities.

  3. Ouch! I have terrible teeth as well - cavities, root canals . . . . I think I have gifted them to Sophie, poor thing. I never had braces either. It is a goal of mine to get braces before I turn 40. We'll see what happens!