Monday, October 19, 2009

Mall of America with 6 kids

On Thursday, I took 6 children to the Mall of America. Our plan was to go and see The Body exhibit which I had wanted to see when it came to the Science Museum last year. We found the exhibit on the 4th floor, but discovered it cost $22 for an adult and $14 per child and decided we would rather buy a hot water heater to warm our own bodies than see The Body exhibit.

What to do for free in the MOA? Walk really fast two laps around level one of the mall - that's 1.14 miles and will help with nap time later. Stop at the American Girl Doll store and see who can find the most expensive doll toy (the tree house). Go to Archivers for free stickers. Count the number of fountains in the mall.

Go to the Lego store and build stuff. There is Calvin climbing on something clearly marked do not climb. Rebel.

Go see the crocodile. Scream. Discuss whether or not it is real. Throw pennies into the mouth.

Check out all of the fishes at the Rainforest Cafe. Warn the suckers in line that the food is both overpriced and inedible.

Find all of the Barbies on exhibit in the mall.

Contemplate the fact that Barbie is robed in Vera Wang and you will never own anything by Vera Wang. Decide it doesn't matter as Barbie is rather immodest and has an unobtainable waist line. You hate her.

Find one bottle of the best vanilla in the world at Marshalls. Rejoice!

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  1. You should definitely see BODIES. The exhibit is different than the one at the Science Museum and really educational. Discount coupons are at Subway for $5 off adult tickets, group tickets are available, and you can get a family pack which is basicly two adults, two is free.