Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Waving A White Flag

Yesterday's Mission:

Stay home from church with nasty cold and two sick kids. Take a nap. Feel better.

Yesterday's Reality:
  1. comfort two sick kids with cough drops, herbal tea and water bottles
  2. greet kind neighbor who has come over to cut down some branches for me
  3. send Max off to church with Ken (our hard working home teacher)
  4. grab an armful of dirty laundry to take to the laundry room,
  5. pass by the basement stairs and smell natural gas (even with my congestion)
  6. call the gas company - they will be here in a hour - don't cause any sparks
  7. a half hour later we loose all power
  8. panic
  9. put sick kids in coats and boots and evacuate the house
  10. pull door close behind me
  11. realize I have just locked us out of the house
  12. the gas guy arrives
  13. call Kelly who looks in her house for a key - no luck
  14. Kelly texts Ken at church to see if he can see Lori who definitely has a key - no luck
  15. call Bryan and ask him to come down with a key
  16. hang out in the driveway for 30 more minutes with the gas guy
  17. be amused by neighbors pulling in and trying their garage door openers
  18. neighbors start coming over to ask the gas guy why there is no power
  19. Bryan arrives with key
  20. gas guy discovers gas leak on pipe leading into new hot water heater
  21. gas guy kindly fixes leak without charging me
  22. open all the windows in the house to air out the gas
  23. freeze
  24. about 1/2 later the power comes back on
  25. max returns home
  26. settle the kids on the couch to watch a non-sabbath movie while I clean
  27. visiting teacher Taran arrives with chicken soup (bless her)
  28. visiting teacher's husband goes downstairs to look at the non-functioning outlets and discovers major leak in the water pipe leading out of the hot water heater
  29. utility room floor is soaked
  30. call hard working home teacher Ken again to report leak
  31. feed kids soup and hustle them up into bed
  32. home teacher arrives to fix pipe
  33. water is turned off - no more cleaning for me
  34. home teacher calls in reinforcements
  35. James arrives to lend his plumbing expertise
  36. Ken and James make a trip to Home Depot
  37. water leak is fixed
  38. it is now 9:00pm and somehow I never got that nap, I do not feel better, the house did not get clean and I would like a re-do of my weekend!


  1. How horrible, is my first thought. My second thought is what awesome people surround you! That was a lot of love in one day. I don't think I know that many people that even like me.

  2. and my third thought, is why did you leave the house? That part confused me.

  3. I'm so sorry about your day! Thank heaven for kind friends!

  4. Oh! I am SO Sorry! That sounds like a day from tarnation. It's almost one that you have to laugh at...or you will in a few years at least. Can it get worse? Sometimes, no, it can't, and yesterday seemed to be your day. I'm sorry. I wish I was around to help you at least get a break and maybe clean a toilet or two while you were snoozing. We're sending lots of love.

    Emily Mc.

  5. what a horrible day as in judith viorst's alexandar and the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day book. glad you survived. glad you have such great friends and support.

    hope your "jane eyre" was the most recent masterpiece theatre rendition. i liked it; although i think i only caught the tail end of it. what version did you watch? how was the nutella pound cake?

    feel better ASAP!!!

  6. Hey Shan - I left the house because the power going off during the gas leak freaked me out and I knew if the power were to come back on, it would cause sparks. I need to hide a key somewhere!