Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last Night of Fall Soccer

We spent a blustery, chilly evening at the soccer fields last night. It was the final night of fall soccer for my kids since we will be out of town on Saturday. Calvin was at his best, skipping and jumping all over the field and making some great kicks. He kicks in whatever direction he is facing at the time - whether towards the wrong goal or out of bounds. He is enthusiastic.

Evi marched around in her new fancy hat.

Most of the time Sophie sat on my lap until I kicked her off to take some photos. She does not like to be interrupted when she is in the middle of a good book. Max ran around playing soccer and tried to keep warm.

Kelly and Evi snuggled together for warmth. FYI, Kelly is having a baby today. She looks like she is about 5 months pregnant.

And the sky looked like this. Beautiful.

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