Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Party

I did not get many photos of Susan's super fun Halloween Party - mainly because I was taking photos with her nice camera (more camera envy) most of the night! She always has the coolest parties: chili bake off, pumpkin carving contest, costume contest, spooky stories, Halloween treats galore, pumpkin bowling, Halloween movies in the basement (we were watching Ghost Busters!), mummy wrapping game, dry ice freaky punch, mist machines, beautiful decorations and prizes for everyone. She really does a great job and I think this year she had something like 60 people in her house!

I made the caramel apples with the twigs in them as my house was without water for most of Saturday as the new water heater was being installed. They are pretty cute and I think we may try and make them with the daycare kids this week - maybe.

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  1. I looked at the pic before reading what you wrote and I absolutely love the caramel apples. So cute and creative!