Friday, October 16, 2009

Once There Was A Snowman

In the sun (or slush and rain if you live in MN) he melted, small, small small.

Sophie named her snowman Frosty Jr. He has Hershey's kisses eyes and a really long carrot nose. He did not last long. Also, I caught the neighbors dog taking a leak on Frosty in the wee morning hours. I did not tell Sophie.


  1. Did you see the notice in the Star Tribune for the cake decorating contest? I thought of you when I read it. Check it out at

  2. What a cute snowman! Sophie did a great job building and decorating him! Poor Frosty, that's not cool the dog peed on him!
    Also, Sophie's little outfit is so cute. Are those black polka dots on her stockings? She is the best dressed, most creative little 7 year old ever!

  3. Hi anonymous! I entered a cake in the contest though if you look at the entrants, many are professional cake decorators!

  4. i was surprised that you didn't add an incredulous gasp to snow in october. i think minnesota might be wearing you down. ( i do know that you mentioned something to mother nature in a previous post.) we had snow on thursday night; thankfully it didn't stick overnight. the chilly weather did though.

    your scrapbook pages are amazing. glad you gave yourself a weekend away even if it was crazy. do let us know how that nutella pound cake turns out? that sounds divine!