Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let Me Introduce You

Would you like to meet the Erickson side of our family? Let me introduce you.

Let me also just mention that though their son and I are soon to be divorced, I love these people and will always consider them to be a part of my family. I want my children to grow up understanding how important families are. I want them to know that they have many Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles and cousins who love them. The Erickson family welcomed me with open arms when I married their son eleven years ago. During the thirteen years since we first met, they have helped us when we were in need, they have never missed a card on a birthday or a holiday, they spoiled the kids with packages from New York, they have taken the time to come and visit and they have invited us into their home. They have always been there for us. My children love them and I love them and that is not going to change.

Great Grandma Erickson

Cousin Matthew

Cousin Lindsay

Cousin Tristan - Sophie's favorite dance partner.

Cousin Haley who is super tall

Cousin Kaitlyn

Aunt Barb (Steve's sister)

Brother-in-Law Paul and his finacee, Nicole who has the great cheekbones and is also tall, thin and blond. Lucky lady.

Sister-in-Law Trisha and Aunt Barb (Mary's sister)

Sister-in Law Rachael. She was the maid of honor and has that glow from being pregnant with their first child.

Mother-in-Law Mary (my Mother is also named Mary)

Trisha, Rachael, her husband Isaac holding his camera I mentioned before, Brother-in-Law David holding his son Matthew, Nicole, Paul, Father-in-Law Steve and Brother-in-Law Rick and little Sophie.

Handsome kid. He's mine.

Cousin Lindsay and her brother Tristan.

Sister-in-Law Heather who has that shirt I want. She is holding the youngest Hand child, Nathan.

My little family.

The Hand cousins minus the youngest and my three wiggles

Calvin and Aunt Barb's grandson whose name I cannot remember at this moment.


  1. Miriam Feldstein CaseOctober 8, 2009 at 12:19 AM

    You look lovely with your beautiful children. Kaitlyn sure is attached to Max! I bet she misses him.
    I didn't know that Heather had a new baby. My uncle's name was Nathan.
    Isaac looks as if he is holding on to his camera for dear life. I think he knows about the camera envy:)

  2. These are great pictures at the church. That picture of Paul and Nichole makes her seem freakishly taller than Paul, I think she must be standing on a step. She's tall, but not that tall.
    Oh and Aunt Barbe's grandson's name is Carter. I didn't realize how much Kaitlyn loved Max, that's so funny! And who would have guessed that Sophie and Tristan would have gotten along so amazingly. They were so cute together!