Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Scrapping

The drive up to Wisonsin took place in the dark. We ended up leaving late and had to stop by the library to return books and run into Parson My French for dinner on the go. Yum! The car was so packed that I had to hold all of the breads I had made to share on my lap for the entire drive. We filled an entire minivan with scrapbook stuff.

You think I jest.

On the ride home, we were able to actually enjoy the gorgeous fall colors - the day before they were cruelly covered up by snow.

The is the scrap space - note the amount of stuff. We have to bring extra tables to hold it all. It's both a hobby and an addiction really.

Finished pages. I love them.


My two favorite pages from the weekend.

You should know:

Everything fit back into the car.


Two minutes after this photo was taken, we climbed in the car only to find the battery was dead. Everyone else had just pulled away so we had to hike up the road and flag down a passing car to come and jump us. People are nice in Wisconsin.

You should also know:

We drove by this on the way home.

WHAT is it - and why?


  1. Oh WOW!!! Your pages are absolutely awesome! I so WISH I had time to scrap... sigh. I should make time but I don't. I know when the kids are grown I will wish I did but life gets in the way.

    I think the one with all the green and red ribbons is my fave!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I can't believe how much stuff you have! Actually I can, I know how much you do with it. I'm glad you were able to have fun, sometimes it's quite relaxing to just be able to vent to someone who will listen, so I'm sure that was nice in a way. Your pages are absolutely beautiful. You should sell your skill and scrap others pages for them. I'm sure plenty of people would take you up on that, not that you really have time for that on top of everything else that you do. And that is definitely a funny swan thing at the end.

  3. My kids and I got out one of the old family albums and looked at some photos today. It is so much fun to have them. They definitely aren't crafty. I have never made the time or budgeted for it since my second baby was born. I'm so envious of your scrapbooks and your home decor!!