Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dinner at the Ericksons

When we arrived in Rochester on Friday, Grandma and Grandpa Erickson met us at the airport. We drove back to their home (after a quick stop to pick up contact solution and toothbrushes which I forgot to pack) in the pouring rain. Rochester looked exactly like the Minnesota I had just left - cold and wet.

Upon arrival, the kids immediately starting looking for the cats (who proved elusive) and I tried very hard to stay awake. Grandpa suggested he take the kids over to the Museum of Fun while I catch a nap and I was quick to accept. Take a nap? No list of 25 things I should be doing ? I'm game! The kids had a marvelous time and Grandpa managed to only lose one child (Sophie), and only for a brief time, so I would call the whole experience a rousing success! He showed the security guard a photo of her he had just taken - pretty clever.

I woke to find Paul and his fiancee Nicole (who has amazing cheekbones) had arrived and were soon followed by more Erickson relatives. Paul and Nicky are planning a September wedding next year (Sophie will be thrilled!). Great Grandma Erickson and her daughter Barb drove up from Michigan. Barb and I have connected via cards and comments on my blog, but we had never seen each other face to face until this trip. She is as lovely as you would expect from someone who sends cards to people she has never actually met in person. Soon, Aunt Jackie and Aunt Barb with her grandson (Grandma Erickson's sisters) arrived as well as Rachael and Isaac and we all sat down to a large family dinner.

My photos are awful, but I wanted to document not only the people, but Grandma Erickson's house which is just covered in beautiful fall decorations. Molly and her son Gregory stopped by for a quick visit before heading home to rest before the big day.

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