Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thoughts on Motherhood

I have been spending much of my time this week thinking of the Nielson's (I still cry over every new story) - not only about the tragedy they are struggling through right now, but of the example they are to the thousands who are following their story each day. Their extended families continue to amaze me with their strength, love and faith during trials. What an immense blessing for Stephanie and Christian to have grown up in these huge families with so many sisters and brothers who have now stepped in to care for their children, lift their spirits, help raise funds for their recovery and to share their story with the world.

I have spent a great deal of time pondering how I can be a better, mother, wife and church member these past few weeks and I appreciate this family for reminding me that I can do better - be better. I wonder if it will someday comfort Stephanie to know that because of this horrible accident, thousands of people have found her blog, read her story and been touched by her joy and enthusiasm for motherhood, marriage and living life to the fullest.

I don't know why it sometimes takes a terrible event or heartbreak to remind me of what is truly important in life. I want my marriage to be strong, loving and honest, I want my children to feel safe, adored, capable and grateful and to have a close relationship with their Savior.

I want to do better, be better.

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  1. did you read that post by her sister about what would you be willing to sacrifice to help other? your beauty? ouch that one hit me. her sister's loss and story really has affected so many for the good. thanks for this post. i think i forgot to apply and learn like i should sometimes.