Sunday, September 14, 2008


Sophie's hair is finally getting long enough for me to play with - though it is also long enough to be getting some serious tangles. I had long hair my entire life and I remember the tangles I would get at the base of my skull that felt like a woven mat. They hurt like the dickens to get out! This is her homage to Princess Leia look.

Her hair is very much like mine - fine and silky and straight as a board. She can hold a braid, but only if her hair is wet. She also has those wispy hairs around her hairline that fall down as her hair starts to dry. Whenever I take her in for a haircut, they always ask if they want me to trim her bangs - to which I reply, "she has never actually had bangs." By the time she came home from school, one side of her hair-do had fallen out. We'll keep trying!


  1. She is one adorable girl! What a cutie!

  2. Sophie looks so darling there! I have the same kind of hair too! I always had those funny "baby" hairs that looked like bangs. If her hair is dry when you want to braid it, try spritzing a little hairspray in it before braiding. And I mean IN it, not on it. It will help the style to hold. Her hair always looks great! I love the braids you put in it.