Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year . . .

School started!!! I love the start of school because it means having a routine again. I am fond of routines.

Bright and early (much, much too early - the whole family has been enjoying late night reading sessions the whole summer!) Tuesday morning, school was back in session for Max and Sophie. In honor of the first day, we actually sat down and had breakfast together as a family, read scriptures and then walked the kids over to the school. Pretty impressive, except we were a bit late! I would love to make that a habit for our family this school year (except the late part).

Sophie is so excited to start school again! She has Mrs. Mehlhaff this year who was Max's 1st grade teacher. She is wonderful and I think Sophie will have a great year. This is the backpack she chose for school this year. Tacky, but she loves it!

Max chose a relatively subdued backpack, but on school open house night, I noticed it already had a hole in it! We exchanged it for a new one the day before school started. Max has his 3rd grade teacher that he had for language arts last year as his full-time teacher this year. I think he should have a good year as well. His 4th grade teacher seems really nice as well though I am concerned that his desk is right next to several bins full of books. I can see Max reaching over and grabbing a book to read every time he is in class instead of paying attention!

At breakfast, we spent a long time talking to Max about his responsibility to walk to Sophie's class after school was out to walk home with her. We went over staying together, crossing the streets together with the crossing guards etc. So, on the first day of school, I hear the kids getting home and go to the back porch to let them in and it's only Max. "Where is Sophie?!" I asked Max. He looked at me with a completely blank stare and said "Um, I don't know; maybe she took a bus?" Needless to say, I freaked out a little, sent Max running back to the school while I threw the other three kids, sans shoes, into the minivan and raced over to the school. After picking up Max on the way, we arrived to find little Sophie sitting on a bench in front of the school, abandoned on her first day. So sad!! She was not crying, and Mrs. Mehlhaff came over from where she was watching the buses leave with the other teachers to say good-bye to her. Luckily, she had Max as a student and knew it was likely he had forgotten his sister and assumed I would come for her. We had another long talk with Max , had Mrs. Mehlaff talk to Max's teacher and sent notes to remind Max, and he has managed to bring her home every day since. The end. I hope.

I'd like to mention that it turned really cold after these photos and the kids have been wearing coats to school every day since!


  1. They look so cute all ready to go back to school. What a sad story about Sophie! Hopefully they can look back on that and laugh.

  2. it's turned hot here; i was sweating by the time i finished walking lily to preschool this morning.

    i hate to say it, but what max did sounds like something i might have done. i get absent-minded myself. glad they are back and enjoying school. i look forward to seeing which spelling words max will chose this year.